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TTAIFA is the trusted provider of professional services for the Insurance and Financial sector in Trinidad and Tobago. We are committed to your continued education so that you can fully understand your talents and strengths in your everyday life.

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TTAIFA offers professional programs and products to enhance skills and provide value-added business services. Our educational offerings are unsurpassed while our Practice Resources offer everything an agent or advisor needs to run a business and manage a career.

The TTAIFA Pledge

As a member of the Trinidad & Tobago Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers I pledge:
To place the interest of my clients and policyholders above my own; and ensure that any advice I tender them will be without bias or regard for my own personal advantage. To respect the confidence of any clients and prospects and carefully guard any information which becomes known to me concerning their personal affairs.
To refrain from making statements of a misleading or derogatory nature which might cause the public to lose confidence in any Life Insurance company, its policies, financial products or its agents and under no circumstances to rebate or offer to rebate any part of a premium

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