Agency Management Training Course (AMTC)

The insurance industry’s premier skill-development program for field managers.
A skill-building course designed to improve skills in areas critical to agency management. Moderated by local, experienced, successful managers utilizing class discussion, skill demonstrations, role-play, planning projects, and action projects. Areas covered include planning, recruiting, selection, training, and performance appraisal.

Who should enroll ?

The AMTC is designed for field managers making the transition from a position with production responsibility to one with managerial responsibility. It is also appropriate for agency heads or functional managers, those having specialized functions such as recruiting or training, and those who need to develop their management skills to increase performance.
Even established agency managers find AMTC valuable as a refresher of fundamental ideas and as a source of new ideas from fellow students.

What makes AMTC successful?

The AMTC is not a course that simply emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge. The prime reason for AMTC’s continuing acceptance and success is that it is a skill-building course. AMTC students not only acquire the information they need to be successful, but the course shows them how to apply that information in the field and in their offices where they work every day. The AMTC trains in 27 skills that LIMRA research has identified as critical to successful field management and, through a unique classroom environment, provides and experience that lasts a lifetime.

What happens in an AMTC class?

The AMTC is 23 weeks long and consists of one three-hour class each week. Different from many types of educational experiences, and AMTC class emphasizes adult learning techniques. There is much participation and students are responsible for taking an active part in the learning process. The first 30 minutes are spent reinforcing skills learned in previous sessions and from the field projects. Action Projects and Planning Projects are an integral part of the AMTC and allow the student to transfer what is learned to the field. The next 60 minutes of the class are devoted to presenting and discussing the new topic for that day’s class. Ideas, methods, and necessary skills are discussed. Students will have prepared for the session through assigned reading from the text. For the next 75 minutes, students are shown models of the new skill they will learn. This modelling can be done through audio- or videotape or by the moderator. Students then role-play and practice the new skill based on the model. The final 15 minutes are spent summarizing the class and assigning new projects and reading material to prepare for the next class.

The insurance industry’s premier skill-development program for field managers. Who leads the AMTC class?

The AMTC is not a lecture course, so classes are led by moderators who facilitate lively discussion. AMTC moderators are accomplished field managers from your country who deliver the course in your language. For classes conducted in “your” company, moderators are selected, trained, and certified from your company.


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