TTAIFA has a rich history and its present association is the culmination of the hard work and dedication of successive members, past and present presidents and the support of member organizations.  TTAIFA evolved from the Life Underwriters Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LUATT) an association of life insurance salespersons in Trinidad and Tobago.
The first attempt to formally launch LUATT was done in 1970.  The Association sought to facilitate those salespersons who qualified for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table and needed to be affiliated with such an organisation. Therefore, its prime responsibility was the continuing education and professional development of insurance and financial advisors.  The initial attempt at formation was not successful, but in 1975 LUATT was successfully formed and the first Sales Congress was organized in 1976. The hosting of Sales Congresses has remained a major event in the Association’s schedule of activities.
After a struggle of several years a decision was taken to make the LUATT Secretariat a part of the Joint Secretariat Corporation which facilitated the Trinidad & Tobago Insurance Institute, Association of Trinidad & Tobago Insurance Companies and the Academy of Insurance. Mr. Donovan Palmer carried the post of Registrar for this Secretariat Corporation and worked under the leadership of Mr. John Deane – Manager of the Joint Secretariat Corporation. In March 1985, the LUATT Board made a decision to go back on their own and operate as a separate entity to the Joint Secretariat Corporation.
The Association then housed its own Secretariat at 14c Saddle Road, Maraval with a staff of four.  LUATT then acquired its own building to house its Secretariat at 129 Edward Street, Port of Spain. The LUATT Building was purchased in 1994 and the Secretariat began its operations at this address in January 1995. In 1985 LUATT, with its new vision,  embarked on new projects viz a viz;  The first LUATT Newsletter was published to inform members and keep them abreast of pertinent matters relative to the industry. NIHERST, UTC & LUATT came together to train underwriters to market/sell Units on behalf of the Unit Trust Corporation. Twenty four senior underwriters enrolled and were facilitated by eminent moderators/ lecturers from U.W.I., Central Bank and U.T.C.
The Constitution of the Association was revised to incorporate Chapters. The four established Chapters being – North, South, East and Tobago. The aim and objective behind this change was to relinquish some of the burden on the National Board in looking after the affairs of all salespersons in the different areas.This meant that each Chapter was made responsible for the salespersons in their area on a more personalised operational basis. Each Chapter was structured with their own President and Board operating under the scrutiny of the National Board.
Also in 1985 the then President – Mr. Garth Thomas and some active Board and floor members had a vision to establish a LUATT Credit Union. This idea grew and the Credit Union was formed in 1986. In spite of yeoman efforts to keep the organisation afloat, the Credit Union had to close its doors after a ten year span.
In 1986 due to numerous complaints re. our involvement with CALU (Caribbean Association of Life Underwriters) a decision was taken by the Board, after consultation with the membership to end this relationship. This took place in 1987. However in 1995 the powers that be felt that our relationship with CALU should be re-established to foster good relations within the region. Also it was felt that this renewed relationship would redound to the benefit of our members.
Continuing on its vision for progress and improvement, the Board members felt that the managers in the Association needed more and efforts were put in train to establish an Association exclusively for managers. Through GAMA (General Agents and Managers Association) LUATT was able to establish the GAMATT (General Agents and Managers Association of Trinidad & Tobago) in 1986. Unfortunately interest in this Association waned and the Association closed its doors in 1989.
Under the guidance and efforts of Mr. Anthony Wilson-Maughn, the LUATT Board felt it wise to incorporate the Association. LUATT was no longer to be “The Life Underwriters Association of Trinidad and Tobago” but to be now known as “The Life Underwriters Association of Trinidad and Tobago Company Limited”. This came into being on November 18th, 1987.
In 1988, the Awards Committee proposed to the National Board the idea of establishing a “LUATT HALL OF FAME” to honour those stalwarts within the industry for distinguished service to the Life Underwriters Association, as well as for their contribution to the Life Insurance Industry. This was well received and so the Hall of Fame was established with the first inductee being awarded posthumously – Mr. Cyril Duprey, former President of Colonial Life Insurance. Under the guidance and efforts of Mr. Anthony Wilson-Maughn, the LUATT Board felt it wise to incorporate the Association. LUATT was no longer to be “The Life Underwriters Association of Trinidad and Tobago” but to be now known as “The Life Underwriters Association of Trinidad and Tobago Company Limited”. This came into being on November 18th, 1987.
LUATT over the years had been invited to send representatives to Government Committees to make inputs on reform and other relative issues affecting the financial services sector. In 1997 A.T.T.I.C. approached LUATT Board to collaborate on issues, advocacy and presentations on matters concerning the life insurance industry. This was felt to be a progressive move as together LUATT and ATTIC would have a stronger voice when approaching the Government on such issues. To date these meetings are still being held to discuss various pertinent topics e.g. GATS & WTO. In March 2003 the name of the company LUATT was amended to TTAIFA. Today TTAIFA IS a recognized body and has a membership of over 1300 members from the major insurance and financial service companies in Trinidad and Tobago.  At present our member companies are:

Member Companies

Guardian-Group-300x143 Maritime palig_color_logo_110911 sagicorlogo TATIL

National Awards

Over the years LUATT has staged many Awards functions – numbering 18 to date. This function was established to honour the crème de la crème of our industry in various categories. The Awards function has been continually enhanced over the years. Our members look forward to this event every year, where all the Life Insurance Companies submit information for their salespersons who qualify according to the LUATT criteria in the different categories. This inspires salespersons to work assiduously towards attaining these high standards of achievement.
Initially all the Awards were based on Annual Premium Income (API) with a standard persistency of ninety percent (90%) and above, but in 1995 the criteria were revised and after ratification by the LUATT Board were changed in 1996 to First Year Commissions (FYC) with a 90% persistency for all categories with the exception of the Rookie of the Year which has a persistency of 95% and above. This change was introduced after an indepth revision by an experienced committee. The rationale for the change was to level the playing field and to follow the direction of MDRT who used the FYC as the basis for qualification.
In the past the Awards was held in the last quarter of the year and was incorporated into the Sales Congress in a congress year. After careful study it was decided that the Awards should be staged in the second quarter of the year immediately after all the life companies held their individual company awards. The chief reason was that salespersons would not wait almost one year to be recognised for their efforts.

Beginning in 1992 they were:

  • 1992 A Touch Of Class
  • 1993 Seekers, Showers, Sellers
  • 1994 Climb Every Mountain
  • 1995 Crème de la Crème
  • 1996 Crystal Clear
  • 1997 Legacies Through Leadership
  • 1998 One Voice
  • 1999 Andante (Embracing the Future)
  • 2000 Odyssey
  • 2001 Sunrise to Sunset (Cameo Awards formed part of the Congress)
  • 2002 Synergy
  • 2003 Dichotomy
  • 2004 TTAIFA’s 24th National Awards (1st under the TTAIFA Umbrella)
  • 2006 The “E” Awards
  • 2007 “A Constellation of Stars”
  • 2008 Unlock the Secret
  • 2009 Think Afresh
  • 2010 Year of the Tiger
  • 2011 We Salute You
  • 2012 “Synergize to a New Dawn”
  • 2013 “Growth, Invigoration, Vitality”
  • 2014 “Let’s Soar”
  • 2015 Fame… Remember My Name
  • 2016 Dance …energy in motion
  • 2017 Weathering the Storm, Umbrellas of Strength
  • 2018 Hats Off to Love
  • 2019 Celebrating Industry Gems, the Evolution of Insurance Icons


starCyril Duprey

(deceased) 1988

starFred Williams

(deceased) 1992

starHugo Mc Farlane


starPeter E Salvary


starAssad Mohammed


starEmmanuel Lawrence


starJohn Sutherland

(deceased) 1990

starTorrance Mohammed


starAlvin Alexander

(deceased) 1998

starKelvin ‘Kelly’ Harris


starWilfred Holder


starJacinto Martinez


starDavid Evelyn


starNeil M.Jones


starWilliam N. Wiltshire


starAndrew A. Bates


starAndre Baptiste


starPamela Solano


starHugh Eastman


starEthelbert Paul


starGarth Thomas


starCecil Frederick


starMaxim Marquez



In an effort to keep our members in touch as well as educated and to stimulate interest in the Association, many Sales Congresses were hosted by the Association under the stewardship of many great insurance men, namely:
1976 Unity & Professionalism
Collins G.B. John (Mega Ins.)
1980 To Serve is to Succeed
Mr. Peter Salvary (Clico)
1982  Get Involved
Mr. Herman Creque (Tatil)
1984  Planning For Success
Mr. Peter Knaggs (The Mutual)
1987  Dynamics For Change
Mr. Fred Williams (Deceased)(formerly of Maritime Life)
1989 Faith In The Future
Mr. Hamilton Smith (Deceased) (formerly of Nationwide Insurance)
1991  Catch The Tide
Mr. Andre Baptiste (Maritime Life)
1993   Solidarity, Security & Stability
Mr. Alvin Alexander (Algico)
1995  Doing It Right – The Blueprint
Mr. Hugo Mc Farlane (Guardian Life)
1997     The first CALU Congress – Seize The Day – “Carpe Diem”
Mr. Assad Mohammed (Maritime Financial Life)
1999  Crescendo
Amado Marcano (Guardian Life)
2001  The Undiscovered Country
William N. Wiltshire (Guardian Life)
2003   Beyond the Boundary
Garth Thomas
2005  Tapestry ….the colours of life
Felix Mahadeo (Guardian Life)
2007     Between the Lines
Jennifer Lessey-Jordan (Clico)
2009   Linked by Water
Louis Mc Mayo (Maritime)
2015   “The Pursuit Continues…”
Alicia Birch (Pan American Life)