Life Underwriters Association Training Course (LUATC)

LUATT in its quest and concern re. professionalism to enhance our membership resulting in abetter equipped insurance salesperson, embarked on administering the LUATC Course. This course covered many subject areas and members had to successfully complete the two (2) parts to be awarded a certificate. This course was done through LUATT in conjunction with (Life Underwriters Association of Canada) LUAC . At first moderating of different classes was done by experienced volunteer members of the Association but as time progressed and graduates were now available to assist as moderators were chosen from the graduates and this formula is still in existence to date.
In January 1996 progress saw to changes in the structure of the LUATC programme and the course was broken up into three (3) segments vis 5 vis 101,102 and 103. With this revised educational programme, each course would last from 12 to 15 sessions. Thus, the entire programme would consist of 42 to 45 sessions, a slight increase over the 40 sessions presently contained in LUATC. This structure takes three terms to complete, which is a contrast to the past structure of a 40 week approach. Whereas obtained in the old structure where students took approximately two years to complete the course, this new structure allows for the student to complete the entire course in one year

Certified Financial Planner

The Certified Financial Planner programme was also established in 1996. Due to the restructuring of the LUATC programme, the entire educational structure was revised to allow students more options in their pursuit for progress and to better equip them to deal with the changing face of the financial services sector and the more educated public.
Students in the past were required to complete the LUATC, then proceed to the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) , and further to the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC).
In the new structure, students are given the option of enrolling for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) course of study and after successful completion, can proceed to the CLU course of study of enroll directly in the Chartered Financial Consultant course of study if they so wish, meaning the CLU could be eliminated from one’s personal study guide if they so wish.
All the above changes came about through the LUAC. In 1996 after Roytec’s approach to LUAC to have the CFP course as part of their curriculum for the banking industry, LUAC, Roytec and LUATTs Educational representatives had several meetings to discuss same. Mr. William Wiltshire was LUATF5 representative and it was finally decided that Roytec would be allowed to deliver the CFP course on behalf of LUATT to the insurance industry personnel and a modified CFP course for the banking industry.

Diploma In Life Underwriting

In 1992, through negotiations with the UW.I.,LUATT established the Diploma In Life Underwriting course. It was felt that some sections of the CLU course that was being offered through the LUAC did not relate or apply to the Trinidad and Tobago scenario. The OLU course has seen some 25 to 30 graduates to date and negotiations are in train with CALU to have those who have completed the U subjects conferred as CLU’s. This would allow those successful students to apply to complete the ChFC course of study if they so wish.


CIAM2 is a 21st-century, country-specific agency management performance improvement program designed to prepare tomorrow’s leaders today.
The Chartered Insurance Agency Manager (CIAM) designation has been and will continue to be the international performance improvement and professional development program for managers in the financial services industry. Earning this designation signifies that the designee has mastered the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenging demands of his or her role as an agency leader.
However, in today’s (and tomorrow’s) increasingly competitive global financial services environment, managers are under growing pressure to increase sales, close them faster, and increase profitability, amidst a barrage of changing products, competitors, and market conditions. The key to success, and often just survival, in this ever changing environment will be developing the knowledge and skills required to effectively respond to these pressures — and that is what CIAM2 is all about.
Recognizing that while many of the underlying competencies of becoming a successful manager remain essentially the same, CIAM2 takes a new look at these fundamental skills and updates them with 21st-century agency management “hest practice” philosophies and tools. For example, improving agent productivity is the focus of the Performance Management module. This module will introduce an updated, field-tested, activity management system that includes an activity data management process designed to identify and resolve issues of underperformance. Other courses will either more fully develop competencies, such as how to profitably manage a sales unit/agency, or introduce new skills, such as managing financial advisors in a more compliance-sensitive environment.
Finally, in-country Content Review Committees made up of sales and training executives from member companies will review each updated program in the CIAM2 curriculum to create a country-specific ‘test practices” program that better reflects local operations and culture.
To earn the CIAM designation, you must complete seven requirements. Since CIAM is international in scope, the curriculum for each step reflects the unique stages of industry development in countries all over the world.

LIMRA recommends that the steps be completed in the following order.


Management Skills
Seminar (MSS)

This seminar will help you understand the requirements of the field manager position, what its major components are, and how those responsibilities should be carried out


Agency Management

Training Course (AMTC)

The AMTC will help develop and enhance your basic management skills in the critical areas of planning, recruiting, selection, training, and performance appraisal.


Field Management

Seminars (FMS)

These seminars will help you grow in those selected areas such as recruiting, planning, market development, business management, or productivity improvement.


Profitable Management


This advanced management workshop will help you think like a CEO and develop long-term, strategic skills for continually increasing productivity and meeting objectives.



This written analysis will describe how you have applied your acquired skills, theories, and concepts in your career.


Certificate of


Your primary company must verify that you have met the required standards for service, professional conduct, and ethical behavior.


Management Experience

As a final prerequisite, you must have completed five years of service in field management, including supervising an agent recruited within the last 12 months; or you must currently serve as a regional field officer.